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Having a Will

By using our professional Will writing service, you'll have complete control of who will inherit your possessions, property, and money when you die.

By having this stated in a clearly stated Will, as desired by you, and according to the law, ensures that no one is left hurt and upset by any confusion on the event of your death.

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Prepaid Funeral Planning

With the annual rising costs of funerals, it's a great idea to leave your family stress-free by arranging a prepaid funeral plan, so they don't have to worry about the financial and emotional burdens, at this difficult time.

We can help you arrange everything so you can have the funeral you wish for, feeling comforted that your funeral will be in safe hands with everything taken care of.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

For this important legal document, you should definitely take advice. Especially, if you are unsure about the process or if the family does not get on, or if there are complex assets such as businesses or overseas property.

We can tailor-make your document to suit your individual wishes, give you unbiased, objective advice to aid you in this sensitive and vital decision.

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A Living Trust Fund

Organising a living trust fund is a lot to handle on your own, especially when it comes to setting up funds, accounts and looking for ways to get great tax benefits. So employing the services of an expert is a good idea.

We have the where with all and legal skills required to ensure your loved ones get the maximum benefit from the advice we give you.

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Bringing you & your loved ones peace of mind

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