Prepaid Funeral Planning

Peace of mind is in the planning…

Although it’s not a popular subject to think about, planning and paying for your funeral in advance can save everyone a significant headache and a lot of money and heartache.

This means you pay for and organise your own funeral in advance with your selected funeral director.

A prepaid funeral is one that can be paid for in instalments.

And due to the rising costs of funerals over the last ten years by an average 7%, it’s a sensible idea to spread the payments, so your loved ones don’t get hit with a scary bill at a very emotional time.

Prepaid plans typically allow for anyone over 50 years old to pay for and organise their own or someone else’s funeral so that when they die, they don’t have to leave that financial strain and organisation to them.

They are extremely useful in the sense that your family will know exactly what kind of service you want as well as offering financial protection.

There are several advantages to getting a prepaid funeral, which includes the purchase which can be made when you are in a calm and rational state of mind.
This will take the pressure off your family financially as well as emotionally.

If you can afford the premiums in advance, funeral plans will help with your family’s cash flow problems during their bereavement. Even if you leave money aside for your funeral, your family might not be able to access it in time for your funeral due to legal reasons.

Another huge benefit is that prepaid funeral plans mean exemption from inheritance tax and may not count in a care home assessment.

Some prepaid funeral plans payout even though not all the premiums have been paid for.

There are various levels of plans which rate from elementary to top-level. Still, across all levels and providers, prepaid plans offer the same fundamental service – a funeral director collecting the body (but obviously times and distances vary), caring for the deceased’s persons body, and arranging the funeral, plus organising a hearse for the body and funeral personnel.

And the more you pay, the more service and ceremony you’ll get from the funeral director.

If there are extra details that you want, they can be specified when you buy the plan, but depending on what they are – such as specific musical performance or flower arrangements, this may add additional cost. These costs won’t necessarily be paid for within the organised plan, but your wishes should be acknowledged. It is important that you let those left behind know if there will be any extra money to pay.

It’s always worth getting help and advice for such a costly expense for such an essential event in your life.

Bringing you & your loved ones peace of mind